Repression Against Sex Workers Continues in Argentina

On Monday 5th May 2008 Marcela Ocampo, the Communications Secretary of
AMMAR (The Argentinian Female Sex Workers Union) was detained in
Córdoba, Argentina.

This has occurred at a time when AMMAR is in discussions with the
Provincial Government to end police abuse against sex workers.

Representatives from AMMAR met with the Head of Security of the
Ministry of the Government with the intention of making progress with
signing an agreement to stop the detentions without reason of workers
affiliated to the organisation.

At the end of the meeting and after informing the other members, the
secretary of communication, Macerla Ocampo went to her place of work
en Alta Córdoba, where two polic men from the Provincial Police were
waiting for her. They took her into detention together with another
activist to the Police Station 7 ‘on the orders of a boss’.

Once in the police station, they not only denied her the right to a
telephone call, but their detentions were not recorded and they were
not checked by a medical examiner. Later they were moved to Police
Station 17, where they were seen by a doctor. The women were charged
at 2.30am and later freed after negotations by the association.

Eugenia Aravena Secretaria (General Secretary of AMMAR-Cordoba) and
Oscar Mengarelli (General Secretary of CTA-Cordoba) stated that they
were worried by this reaction by the police. They claim it hinders
negotiations with the Minister of the Government, although state that
government officials are aware of the situation and have promised to
investigate so that discussions are able to continue.

Likewise, AMMAR and the CTA have demanded a meeting with the governor
of the province, Juan Schiaretti, to make him aware of this situation
and the demands of the organisations.

For more information, contact:
Eugenia Aravena Secretaria general AMMAR


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