A Dialogue on the Sex Industry

On 20th May, a dialogue on the sex industry will take place in The Forest Hall, Edinburgh. The debate brings together sex worker activists, academics, student activists and women’s project workers. This dialogue is important in bringing together diverse points of view on the sex industry, a topic which continues to elicit fierce argument within feminism and beyond.

The debate on the sex industry is often victim to reductionism in the media and in other research as being simply a battle between ‘pro-prostitution’ and ‘anti-prostitution’ campaigners. The ferocity of the debate often leaves both side ‘preaching to the converted’. The importance of this dialogue therefore cannot be underestimated in creating a forum for dialogue between these two sides who, despite their different conclusions, both recognise the impact of class and gendered influences on sex work, which is as varied and diverse as the analyses themselves.

For more information: Dialogue on the Sex Industry


One response to “A Dialogue on the Sex Industry

  1. Since one of the speakers is Jan Macleod, of the Women’s Support Group, it is likely she will be talking about her recent study of clients (Challenging men’s demand for prostitution in Scotland).

    This was critiqued recently by a consortium of academics, support groups and activists and can be found here:

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