Police deny home arrest to breastfeeding sex worker

Cordoba, Argentina, police violence continues against sex workers as they continue to arrest women working in the city centre. Alongside daily mistreatment, abuse and humiliation last week, Joreglina Nieto, a student at AMMAR’s primary school was arrested and forced to breastfeed her baby inside a police cell.

Instead of providing domiciliary arrest, normally given to Mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding, Police Station 11 called the Grandmother of the child who had to take the baby to be fed in the cell where Jorgelina had already caught a fever having been unable to feed her child.

Maria Eugenia, General Secretary of AMMAR-Córdoba said ‘this situation in violation of basic human rights, agreements and international treaties which guarantee our liberty and the rights of our children’.  

In response to the ongoing harassment and human rights abuses which persist in all but two provinces in Argentina, AMMAR-Córdoba have requested an audience with the provincial Secretary of Human Rights for the Province of Córdoba, Raúl Sánchez, to attempt to reach an agreement which would protect sex workers rights in the province.


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