Sex Work Resources



x:talk provides free English lessons to migrant workers in the sex industry in London. x:talk aims to create an open and critical space to collectively organise and empower workers in the sex industry and to encourage and support critical interventions into discourses about gender, labour, migration and human rights.


The International Union of Sex Workers is part of the GMB, one of the UK’s biggest trade unions with over 600,000 members. They campaign for sex workers’ rights at a local, national and international level – to decrease stigma and violence against sex workers, improve working conditions and create a clear and fair sex industry.


NSWP is a legally constituted international organisation for promoting sex workers’ health and human rights. With member organizations in more than 40 countries, the Network develops partnerships with technical support agencies to work on independently-financed projects.


SCOT-PEP was set up by and for sex workers and offers non-judgmental advice and support. Their aim is to promote health, dignity and human rights amongst those involved in the sex industry.

Academic Resources

Women’s Health Studies and Feminism:

This website provides links to the prominent academics working on issues surrounding sex work in the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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