Kate Hardy

I am a PhD candidate, studying the organising practices of sex workers in Argentina. Using a feminist collaborative comparative analysis, the research examines the political practice, subjective experiences and the spatial implications of women’s organising within these organisations. Further interests, both personal and professional, include sexuality, sex work, bodywork, women’s activism, new forms of organising, feminist theory and political economy.

During October 2007 I was a Visiting Junior Scholar in the GExcel Centre, Orebro University, Sweden, in the research theme ‘Gender, Sexuality and Global Change’. The research I undertook during this time was entitled “Rethinking Action: Negotiations of Space and the Body in the Struggle of AMMAR”. It explores the relationship between sexuality, space and activism amongst female sex workers in Argentina and is currently a working paper.

I’m interested in all women’s issues and am pleased to be in contact with anyone fighting for women’s rights and against all types of economic and political injustice.

Some of my work includes:

Hardy, K. (2007) ‘Rethinking Action: Negotiations of Space and the Body in the Struggle of AMMAR’ Gunnarsson, L., Jonasdottir, A. and Karlson, G. (eds.) GExcel Working Paper: Volume II Theme I Gender, Sexuality and Global Change (Örebro University, Sweden).

Hardy, K. (2007) ‘Rewriting the street: AMMAR’s strategies of resistance in Argentina’ 5th International Conference of Critical Geography, Mumbai, India.


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  1. Thanks for supporting the sexworkers

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